What is Backflow Incense?

Backflow incense

Smoke, as we all know, typically floats up and away. But what if you could get your incense smoke to pour downward like a slow motion waterfall? That would be trippy and fun. 

Well you can do that with backflow cones. Not incense sticks, just specially designed cones. 

These back flow cones have a hollow tube formed into them at the base. Once the tip of the cone burns down to where the tube starts, convection and heat pull the smoke downwards through the tube. 

If the cone is sitting on a backflow burner designed correctly, the smoke will flow from the cone's tube into the inner chambers of the burner and then downward. Tumbling like a little waterfall. Pooling in the lower bowl. Wafting mysteriously. 

Backflow cones

A Word of Smoky Advice

Smoke is fickle and soft, floating away on the slightest breeze. Some people might be frustrated to find that their burner and cones are not working and the smoke is not going down the burner like a waterfall. 

Two things to know:

1. There should be no air movement near the burner. A fan running in the room, an open window, people walking close by... these things will all dissipate the smoke and prevent it from forming a waterfall. 

2. It takes a good bit of time to get started. You may end up waiting a half hour or so for a good waterfall to form. Patience is key. 

And a Warning 

The backflow cones are fun but... we have heard bad reports of lack of smell and irritating fumes from some of the super cheap Chinese backflow cones. Often these are the sample cones included with the burners. And of course a lot of the cones on Amazon are those super cheap Chinese cones. It would be wise to be cautious when trying these. 

Indian incense is, in our experience, usually very good. Still cheap and affordable, and the scents tend to be better, stronger, and true to what the box packaging says it is. But of course, the top tier best quality back flow cones are made in the USA by the Wildberry Incense Company


Now that you know the why's and how's, enjoy your backflow experience! We have all the products you might need to try out this trend for yourself. Feel free to comment below if you have questions or input. 

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