Using perfume oils is pretty simple and can be a delightful way to enjoy your favorite scents. 

First, make sure your skin is clean and dry, as this helps the oil absorb better and last longer. Apply a small amount of the perfume oil to your body at the pulse points (spots where you can easily feel your pulse). 

Common pulse points are

The fronts of the wrists.   

Inner elbow.

Behind your ears and on the neck. 

The backs of your knees. 

These areas where your body naturally warms up. This warming effect helps to diffuse the fragrance throughout the day. You don’t need to apply your fragrance oil to all the pulse points. Over time you’ll figure out which ones you prefer applying perfume oil to the most. 

To help the oil absorb into your skin, you can rub your wrist against each of the spots you applied the oil. Throughout the day, the heat from your body will help release the fragrance, giving you a lovely, lasting scent.

A little goes a long way, so start with just a drop or two and see how the scent develops. You can always add more later. 

Perfume oils are a very unique and individual experience. 

They will respond to each person's body chemistry differently, so the same fragrance oil will smell a little differently on each person. You may find that some perfume oils smell great in the bottle, but don’t work for you after you’ve applied it and worn it for a while. The fragrance may mingle with your chemistry in a way you don’t prefer. On the other hand, some scents may deepen and become more enticing for you. 

Perfume Layering

Another fun way to use perfume oil and make them last longer is with layering. To do this, you select all your different body care products with a similar scent and use them together. 

For example, choose a base fragrance like vanilla. You can bathe with a vanilla scented body wash, apply a vanilla scented moisturizer, then use vanilla perfume oil, and finally apply a perfume spray that has vanilla as a main fragrance note. The effect is a very long lasting and deep fragrance experience. 

This perfume layering is a great way to customize your fragrance and create signature scents for yourself. As long as the fragrances complement each other, you can vary the perfume oil and perfume spray endlessly. This is why it’s nice to have perfume oils with a single note, or basic fragrance, in your perfume collection. 

If you have a lavender perfume oil, you can mix and match it with multiple perfume sprays that have floral and herbal notes.  

If you have a patchouli perfume oil, you can mix and match it with perfume sprays that are dark, spicy, and musky.   

Now it’s time get out there and have fun with perfume oil layering! 

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