Holiday Fragrances for Maximum Coziness

The holidays are upon us once again! It's time to settle in with a cozy blanket, your pet curled up next to you on the couch. A roaring fire in the fireplace, or at least a fireplace Youtube video playing on the TV. 

This season is deeply linked to warm memories and nostalgia. Scent is one of our most powerful memory anchors to bring us back to that happy place. The right fragrance sets a happy mood and creates serene contentment. It's hard to imagine the holidays without iconic fragrances. Who wants Christmas without the piney scent of the Christmas tree? Or holidays without the scent of baking goodies wafting in from the kitchen? 

If you don't use a fresh cut tree every year, burning an incense like evergreen can be a convenient way to bring that wonderful scent into your home. And if you want to smell baking goodies without actually working in the kitchen, you can try gingerbread, baking brownies, or pumpkin spice incense. 

Raw Frankincense Resin

Of course, if you're talking classic fragrances, frankincense and myrrh have been traditional holiday incenses for at least two thousand years. These tree extracted resins have a wonderfully warm and enchanting smell for which they were highly prized. 

And then there are the spicy scents! Let's not forget about clovevanilla and cinnamon

We wish you all Happy Holidays with maximum coziness and delicious smells! 

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