Gold Candle Prosperity Spell

Gold candles are excellent for use in spells to increase abundance and prosperity. Just look at that gorgeous golden luster!  

To perform a simple prosperity spell with these candles, start on a night near or on the full moon. The full moon is a good time to perform magic that bring things to you. Create an altar with your candle at the center and decorate it with everything that represents abundance and prosperity to you. Shiny coins, sparkling jewelry, gemstones, and even luxury chocolates are good options. For extra herbal power, decorate with some herbs or spices that increase abundance, like cinnamon sticks or bay leaves. Apply an essential oil that represents prosperity to your candle, like peppermint, eucalyptus, sandalwood, or patchouli.  

Now take a long moment to meditate on your intention and charge your candle. Cup your hands around your candle or simply direct your energy towards it from your body. Close your eyes and FEEL how abundance and prosperity would feel in your life. Visualize the situations and feel the emotions you will feel when your intention becomes realized. You need to feel as if it has already happened. Pour all this energy into your candle.  

When you feel complete, the candle is charged. Say to yourself "So must it be" and light your candle. Let me burn down completely undisturbed. Now set to work on whatever actions you need to take to achieve your goal, and let the universe do its part.  

You can turn this spell into a series, by starting seven nights before the full moon and repeating it each night, with the final spell on the night of the full moon. 

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