How to Use Black Salt

Guide to using Witch’s Black Salt

Black Salt is a blend of rock salt and other magically shielding ingredients that is used for protection and getting rid of negative energy and hostile people. Here are some ideas on ways to use it.  

The most common place you’ll probably want to protect is your home. You can take the black salt and sprinkle it in a line around your house, or at least around the doors and windows. For apartments, you can sprinkle some under your door mat across the entry, and even across the balcony or patio doors if needed.  

Another creative way to use it is in a witch bottle. Use a glass bottle, preferably an old or thrifted one that is thick and strong, and fill it halfway with black salt, vinegar, and rusted nails or other sharp objects. The vinegar will fizz when contacting the black salt, so don’t overfill the bottle. Close the bottle’s cap and seal it around the edge with black wax dripped from a candle. Bury or hide this near your front door, or where people approach to your home. You can hide it under leaves, bushes, inside potted plants, or whatever creative location suits you. Witch bottles like this have been used for centuries to deflect and absorb negative energy and people.  

If someone hostile or extremely difficult has just left your home, and you wish to use magic to discourage their return, sprinkle black salt across where they walked immediately after they leave. Sweep the salt away the next day and discard it away from your home if possible.  

If you need to travel somewhere you don’t feel safe, bring some black salt with you in a small bottle or sachet. Hang it in your car, or hide it in your purse or pocket.  

If you are receiving negative attention or attitudes at work, try to keep some black salt in a small bag at your work desk. Sprinkle a small amount around your desk in a circle if it will not be noticed. Remember to replace it regularly.  

Please remember that black salt is not edible, and is for magical use only. Ours is handmade in small batches out of salt, ashes, charcoal, black pepper, dragon’s blood resin, and white sage. 

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