Essential Oil Blends in the Shadow Scents Brand

The popularity of essential oils is always growing. Their soft, natural strength is something people reach for when they are stressed out, overwhelmed, or in need of soothing. Our new essential oil blends are all natural and pre-diluted to a low 2% intensity that is ready to wear and use. 

Essential oils that are uncut are too intense to be placed directly on the skin, and need to be diluted or cut with a neutral plant based oil. We dilute ours with all natural fractionated coconut oil. The original coconut scent is removed, so it doesn't interfere with the natural essential oil fragrances. It's shelf stable for a long time, absorbs well into the skin, and is very hydrating and gentle. Unlike almond and argan oil, it is safe for people with nut allergies. 

To this coconut oil base we add our custom blends of pure essential oils. We created scents like Grounding, Deep Breaths, and Protection. The focus is on wellness and balance. We hope our customers enjoy these blends as much as we do. 

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