Basics of Using a Pendulum

Pendulums are a simple magical device made by hanging a crystal or metal shape from a chain. Despite their simplicity, they are a very useful and powerful tool for wicca and energy work.

One way to pick a pendulum in person is to seek one that attracts you and feels “right” when you hold it. Touch and hold each pendulum as you choose, looking for a change in vibration or temperature, or a change in your energy or emotions.

If buying one online, you can look for one that has magical or practical uses that fill a need in your life. For example, if your life feels frantic and overwhelming, you may choose a gemstone that has grounding or soothing properties. 

Pendlum made of Rainbow Moonstone

To get to know your new pendulum, you need to talk to it and learn how to communicate with it and through it. Spend some time with it, saying “Give me a Yes” and watching how it swings. Up/down? Left/right? Clockwise or counterclockwise? Then ask it to “Give me a No” and also “Give me an I Don’t Know”. Learn the subtle ways it speaks to you. Each pendulum may be different.

When using a crystal or gemstone pendulum, always cleanse its energy before a session, as crystals tend to hold onto energy and you want to start fresh. You can either dip it gently in fresh running water, cover it gently with sea salt for a moment, or leave it in direct sunlight or moonlight for 30 minutes if you have the time.

Some Ways To Use A Pendulum

Energy Healing – to help locate energy blockages through the process of dowsing. Search over your body, a pet’s body, or a family member or friend’s body for where energy is blocked or stagnant. Search through the chakras to see where healing is needed, and use that as a place to start the healing process. Hold the pendulum over the body, slowly moving it around in a meditative state. Allow guidance to come through you, and watch the movement of the pendulum. The way it moves is very personal and individual to the user. It may stop entirely or change direction when it a blockage is encountered.  

Guidance – pendulums tap into your intuition to help provide answers to some questions. Your queries need to be phrased as Yes/No questions. Based on the directional answers you have personally assigned to your pendulum, it’s possible to sit quietly with your pendulum, gently asking questions and watching for replies. It may take time to get through to the answers you need, so patience is key.

Finding lost items – sit quietly and focus, using a pendulum mat if desired. Ask your pendulum simple yes/no questions and use the process of elimination to find where to search. “Are my keys inside this house?” “Are my keys in the living room?” “Are my keys underneath something?” A person expert in working with their pendulum will have good luck with this method.

Pendulum Mat

Pendulum mats can help provide clarity if you choose to work with one. You need to make sure the answers printed on the mat work with you and the pendulum you are currently using.

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